Inheritance – beheading ourselves!

We all love the story about the crazy Viking Rollo, who was given Normandie and the french king’s sister in marriage. In return, he had to show submission to the french king by kissing his foot. The pride of the Norseman needed some persuasion and he ordered one of his men to perform the act of homage for the king. Instead of bending down to kiss the feet’s of the king, he lifted the kings feet’s to his face to perform the act of submission, to great laughter among his fellows.

The story has nothing to do with pride or honor, but with discontent. The Vikings success was their freedom and their curiosity, in combination with  some craziness. They had no king, they were not kings, but had the pride of being together as free men.

This heritage is vital in understanding the world today, because much of the Western society is based on the freedom they had and was envied when they traveled the world. Inheritance can also be understood from their history, and how this influences our society today.

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