The Rainbow  – rain, sun or before the storm

The pride parade, or LGBTQ community is a community gathered under the rainbow.

If you are a heterosexual, you usually do not have a symbol. You just are what you are, a man or a woman, and you are attracted by the opposite. Like rain or sun, you are one or the other, but not both.

The fact is clear

A rainbow is an optical phenomenon that can occur under certain meteorological conditions. It is caused by refraction, internal reflection, and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a continuous spectrum of light appearing in the sky.

Currently the consensus about the rain or sun, or man and woman is unclear. The rainbow seems to be understood as something in between. A non-binary entity, nor zero or one, but something in between. This is very hard to comprehend, since a binary number is either zero or one. If you ask a mathematician if there is something in-between, they will probably just plainly say no!

We will try to investigate the facts surrounding the strange phenomenon of trans-gender psychology. A non-binary entity, neither one nor zero, but something out of this world. Not defined, but in their imagination.

People are allowed to imagine things. Imagination is what have created the great innovations of our times.

But can a woman imagine that she is a man, or the other way around?

Let’s see where the facts lead us – to the sun, the rain or into the storm!

The definition of gender

We do not need to consult anyone to get a proper definition of what a woman is.

Let’s state the obvious fact that a woman is capable of pregnancy:

A woman is an adult female human. Prior to adulthood, a female human is referred to as a girl (a female child or adolescent). The plural women is sometimes used in certain phrases such as “women’s rights” to denote female humans regardless of age. Typically, women inherit a pair of X chromosomes, one from each parent, and are capable of pregnancy and giving birth from puberty until menopause.

And then let’s state another obvious fact that a man is:

A man is an adult male human. Prior to adulthood, a male human is referred to as a boy (a male child or adolescent). Like most other male mammals, a man’s genome usually inherits an X chromosome from the mother and a Y chromosome from the father. Sex differentiation of the male fetus is governed by the SRY gene on the Y chromosome. During puberty, hormones which stimulate androgen production result in the development of secondary sexual characteristics, thus exhibiting greater differences between the sexes. These include greater muscle mass, the growth of facial hair and a lower body fat composition. Male anatomy is distinguished from female anatomy by the male reproductive system, which includes the penis, testicles, sperm duct, prostate gland and the epididymis, and by secondary sex characteristics, including a narrower pelvis, narrower hips, and smaller breasts.

The definitions are therefore clear. The man and the woman are defined by chromosomes. A genetically defined fact.

But what then, when a woman seems to believe that she is a man even though she can bear children, or a man want to have breasts even though he has a penis?

Let’s try to follow this imaginary path.

Imagination and boundaries

Does imagination have boundaries? Not really.

The imagination of humans does not have any boundaries. But there are some boundaries with regards to drawing lines between facts and fiction.

Fiction is pure imagination, a trend created by creative people in Hollywood, where the boundaries are placed on a screen. On screen the zombies and werewolves are great entertainment. Even children are captivated by the creativity and imagination in motion pictures and animations. Hollywood have become a pinnacle of monetary power due to the greatness of imagination.

But we still try to tell our children that “there are no zombies”. They are only in our imagination and on television.

Similarly, we have religion, an imaginary belief, where our god is not known unless you pray and hope that he exists. This imaginary leader is a comfort for millions of people all over the world. He represents strength and hope for those who lacks it. The disconnection between facts and fantasy is questionable even in religion because there are no proof that God exist.

We will not denounce religion, because the belief and hope are giving people strength when it cannot be found elsewhere.

But if you believe you are the incarnation of Jesus or God, the imagination takes a new turn. Suddenly the imagination is not imagination, but psychology. Most people, even those high-ranking in religious communities will denounce the person who believes he is God or Jesus.

The false prophet

Most likely they would send him to the nearest psychologist or the psychology ward, for examination. People who think they are Jesus, usually gets treatment. This might contradict their religion. Still, it is a big difference between hope and belief, and the mad man who clearly not is the reincarnation of Jesus.

These statements are true and defined by medical personnel. The prevalence of schizophrenia is not much lower that the prevalence of gender dysphoria.

But what about those who still believe they are “non-binary”, a woman with a penis, a man without breasts, or neither a man or a woman?

Statistical perversion

Statistics within the field is not currently established, but some indications states that around 1,4% of the world population have some issues with their gender.

In typical research for rare diseases the facts state that the prevalence for rare diseases are very low.

Our analysis yields a conservative, evidence-based estimate for the population prevalence of rare diseases of 3.5–5.9%, which equates to 263–446 million persons affected globally at any point in time.

This means that most people that have a disorder, and seeks some kind of remedy for this, should be treated kindly and with care.

A fact from the dictionary:



an abnormal physical or mental condition

a liver disorder

a personality disorder

Personality disorders, have a prevalence of 9% with borderline cases at 1,4%, not far from the prevalence of gender-based disorders.

An additional fact is that people with this disorder, have a much higher risk of suicide.

It is clear from the statistics and the dictionary that people with gender dysphoria do have a disorder. This will include those who are gay, compared to the statistics in comparison with all other diseases that exist in our world.

If we ask religious people, they have for a long time defined it as a disorder. They have even tried to cure it. Not successfully, but their services have been available, but are now considered illegal because the treatment is in general considered useless.

But even if we define homosexuality and trans-gender sexuality as a rare disease, this does not mean that we want them institutionalized in psychological institutions. Their sexual preferences are not any direct threat to our society, and we will accept that they have this disorder. We will also accept that they exercise this disorder. Similarly, we accept any disorders in our society and we try to treat them. Everybody with any disorder is treated with uttermost respect.

But should they be allowed to transcend their disorder, to form our political agenda?

This seem to be happening, where people with psychological disorders are allowed to set the political agenda, creating a system where the minority dictates the democracy.

If this was voted over, it would have been stopped immediately, due to the overwhelming majority of heterosexual people.

I believe we should try to define what can happen when disorders define normality and our political agenda.

The Matrix – disbelief in truth

One of the greatest imaginary worlds created by Hollywood is the movie “The Matrix”. Their imagination is turning our real world into an imaginary word, where the human is turned into a battery, and the machines are institutionalizing our minds. Interestingly the movie is created by two brothers, who now are sisters.

Their imaginary picture turns our lives up-side-down. Are we living in a computer world?

But we do not.

Even if the complexity of life might be comparable with the complexity of a computer code, it is impossible to understand that our intelligence and creativity can be created by code.

We are! We feel! We think, and we create.

There is no Matrix! The proof of the pudding is in our existence!

Similarly, there are no trans-gender existence. Because the facts are defining the man and the woman, and their existence is only in their imagination, or a part of their psychological disorder.

If a woman feels like a man, the proof and fact is still that she is a woman. Like the man who believes he is Jesus, he is still only a man, not a God.

We can of course state that Einstein was an abnormality that created one of the greatest formulas the world has seen. He must have been an “disorder”. This thought can be denounced as stupefying because abnormalities are either on the low-end or the high-end. Usually, we embrace those in the high end, and denounce those in the low end.

Sexuality have never been regarded as the most important for our societies progress. Rather the opposite. The primal apes, and animals are still using sexuality as their primary function for reproduction. The movie ideocracy is making a point out of the absurdities by allowing for stupidity and unlimited sexual procreation without any boundaries. If it is so, the prophecy in this movie will be true.

This is basically what governments now are doing. They allow for disorders to set the agenda for our society.

It is comparable with immigration. If some are allowed from a poor country into a very rich country, they will try to help their family to emigrate. If you allow people with a disorder to spread their message, you will make them able to “help” to spread the disorder. Eventually it will be difficult to stop the disease to spread.

Eventually the disbelief in truth, is the new truth.


Society is treating anyone with disorders with uttermost respect, and will try to help them. If you are gay, we respect it. If you want to cut off your penis, we will try to respect it.

But the facts are clear, and as with other disorders in our society, the gender dysphoria is a disorder because of its very low prevalence in society.

Being fat, had a low prevalence in society in prior times, when it was considered a sickness or disorder. Today, being fat is putting you in the epidemic category, and you will most likely not be hired as a training instructor.

Despite this, politicians seem to wave the rainbow flag believing that they will gain some votes. They even participate in the madness, and pride parades. It is madness, because if you do not like football, but love tennis, you do not go to football-matches.

If you are heterosexual, you do not participate in homo-sexual and gender-dysphoria parades, unless you are one of them or unintelligent.

The mindless dysphoria is now also being promoted by all television networks, as a dictating Russian propaganda machine.

The storm is brewing, and at some point, the dysphoria becomes dystopia!

Notes about royal dysphoria

Today the crown prince of Norway stated that he would participate in the pride parade, and support his friends, the transsexuals and gay.

Most people will regard him as a heterosexual, and would question his participation in the pride parade. Why does he participate?

Will he participate in the parade with his wife and children? If not, most people would belive his participation is political, and not personal. If his family joins him, we might belive he want his children to be allowed to choose their own gender.

His argument is that people can love and have sex with who they want. But his arguments are not very enthusiastic and believable! In the video below, it is difficult to belive what he states, because it is without enthusiasm or joy! It seem that his participation in this idiocracy is a screenplay written by others!

Notes about Political dysphoria

Recently the tragical Utøya attack at 22.july was remembered by the political party Arbeiderpartiet.

Naturally they denounce extremists, or extremist movements. Everybody does. They will explain it this way:

We cannot let the extreme be normalized

The politician clearly states that we should not normalize the extreme. Politicians should try to reflect a bit about their political standpoints before they arrange Pride parades, who clearly is all about normalizing the extreme.

If they want to normalize the extreme, they have to explain to the extreme why the opposing voice is never heard. These days, there are no other alternative than to follow the flag, because normalizing the extreme seem to be on the political agenda to all politicians.

How normalizing the extreme is politicized as “everybody matters”!
Our prime minister together with an extremist

It is important to separate extremists in those who wants to do harm, and those who do no harm. But both are still representing the extreme. Under the flag, they seem to support gender dysphoria in children and support their choices, and treatments.

Politicians should try to find the facts, and make decisions based on facts.

They cannot support the extreme, and not support the extreme, if it means suppressing the voice of the majority.

This is a receipt for extremism, and can occur in political environments, where the voice of all politicians resonate through our “democracy”, until the frequency and oscillations makes something break.

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